images“Cursed be anything that hangs from a tree,” declared the Watchers.

For those who live in The Vale there was no one more cursed than the Forever Man. Found guilty of a forgotten crime centuries earlier, the ancient Forever Man is sentenced by the Watchers to hang from the Shaming Tree in an iron cage for all time.

Miles away, under the shadow of Mount Snowdon, the hideous Gargoules stir. One by one the herd awakens, eager to feed. The appointed time had come yet again to launch war against the Forever Man and destroy the Vale once and for all.

And in the Forest Of Idols, a boy is tested, eager to prove his Favor with a secret society. Josiah Wickham becomes the first Steward of the Tree in a hundred years. There he befriends the Forever Man and discovers his stunning secret. With the help of a friendly giant, a Lakota Sioux Indian girl named Zuzu, and a legendary flying horse named Bryndir, Josiah must convince the Watchers and the people of the Vale that the Gargoules have awoken and their only hope of salvation lies in the one who hangs from The Shaming Tree.


Middle Grade/Fantasy

1st draft 22% complete